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November 2017

Speaking Is Easy When You Have Something To Say

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Welcome all to The Silent Goldens website, project, and movement to encourage those who have survived suicide loss to share their stories.  For me, kicking this off opens a new chapter in my life.

I’ve always been curious about other people and a firm believer in the idea that everyone has a story. Throughout my 25 years as a producer in documentary and reality television, I’ve gotten to tell many other peoples’ stories. It never occurred to me that I had one. I’ve had some on-camera experience in a few shows, but never sought out opportunities to further that aspect of my job. I like being behind-the-scenes.

I was never a fan of public speaking. I wouldn’t say it was a phobia, but I absolutely would not volunteer to do it. I was shy as a kid and have always credited waitressing in my 20s with bringing me out of my shell by having to approach strangers and lead conversations. It wasn’t that difficult for me then because I had a purpose in doing it. I had something to say.

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