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April 2023

NYC and Me

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When people ask me where I’m from my answer depends on the circumstances.  Although I have lived now in California for almost 26 years, a good portion of my younger years was spent in NY.  I was born in the Bronx and spent the first 11 years of my life in the suburbs of NYC before my family moved to Texas.  I typically say I grew up in Texas because the teen years were especially formative, but I got my start (and still have some friends) from those early days.  I then moved to NYC to start my adult life when I was 21 where I began and moved up in my chosen career in television over the 10 years I stayed there before heading west.

I’m forever grateful for the time I had there, the opportunities I was given, and the friends I made.  I’m especially happy that I did it in my 20s when I had the energy and curiosity to truly appreciate it and take advantage of so much that it had to offer.  However, by the time I left, I felt I was “over it.” All the hustle and bustle and the never-ending onslaught of people to contend with every time you walk out the door got to me, and I was excited to return more to the suburban-type existence in LA with just enough splash of city life to keep things interesting.  

The first few times I returned to NY after moving I was decidedly not excited and hit with constant reminders of why I left.  Over the years my visits got more palatable, and I am happy to say after this last visit I can once again truly appreciate the city – the convenience of transportation, the ease of getting together with people, the theater (which I love) and the variety of sights to see and things to do.

I especially enjoy walking through the city and was lucky to have a beautiful early spring day to make my way through Central Park (see pics). I don’t feel the need to move back but am glad to have reasons to be there and feel comfortably part of it all.