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May 2022

Talking About Suicide Loss With Louisa Rocque

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The ripple effect of every suicide reaches far and wide.  A factoid I’ve used in prevention presentations says that for every death over 100 people are affects.  Along with the family, friends, teachers, business partners, hairdressers, neighbors – no one who knows someone who died by suicide is left untouched by it, yet are forgotten in the story of the death.

While my mother’s suicide made me understand how it can affect a family, I’m fascinated by the deep impact it can have on others, specifically their friends and peers.  Louisa Roque lost her friend just before heading off to college, which later in life it led her to become the Area Director of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Los Angeles and Central Coast Chapter, for which I volunteer.

She is this month’s guest on Talking About Suicide With, in honor or Mental Health Awareness month.  Even with 3-year-old twins, Louisa’s passion for the subject and her work has been expanding the chapter and it’s reach to great effect, working to save lives daily.

Her background is as a non-profit leadership expert, TEDx speaker, public speaker, and trainer who delivers high-energy presentations that challenge audiences to leverage their focus and pay attention to what matters most in life. 

She is skilled in fundraising, relationship management, curriculum assessment and development, staff development, target marketing, and organizational development. Her work touches audiences from every walk of life, and they love the practical strategies they can apply personally and professionally. 

Louisa earned her MPA from California State University Northridge and is currently the Area Director for Greater Los Angeles & Central Coast for The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Her strong background in learning, development, and extensive experience in managing teams and volunteers makes her the perfect fit for any audience. 

When not speaking, or fighting for suicide prevention and mental health advocacy, Louisa can be found hiking or spending time outdoors with her husband and sons.