Time in the Time of the Virus

By May 2, 2020News

I always find it strange how fast a week seems to have gone by despite how slow the days may seem to be passing.  With no appointments, obligations, work or anything to differentiate the days, here are the markers I’m using.

Sunday Trash at curb for Monday morning pick up

Monday Return trash cans to driveway

Tuesday Make sure car is parked on West side of street

Wednesday Make sure car is parked on East side of street

Thursday Check calendar to see if it’s Thursday or Friday

Friday Host takes trash to curb so no one parks where bins go

Saturday Easy to throw out dog poop because most people have bins out already

Along with 4 dog walks a day, I’ve been spending most of my time working on The Silent Goldens documentary, my latest life-organization ideas, and adding to my Because It’s Punny series for my Gallery of tRuth collection, as seen in the picture.  

I can’t say I’ve been getting a lot done, but I can say I’m doing more than usual!  Little victories daily.  That’s how I’m rolling!

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