Silence is not always golden.

Producer Ruth Golden’s documentary about a family suicide, the aftermath, and the power of conversation.

Conversation Excerpts


My mother killed herself when I was a sophomore in college.

“For more than 30 years our family never talked about her suicide. It changed the course of all our lives,

but it was that silence in the aftermath that hijacked mine.”  Ruth Golden

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Tracy Grandstaff

Television Network Executive

“Ruth and I met 27 years ago working at MTV. Her expertise and talent as a storyteller stems from her intuitive ability to find the depth and heart of every person’s story. Her natural empathy and curiosity allow conversations to open and let everyone speak their own truth. She is a 'go to' creative visionary for human-interest programming."

Brian Shiers, CMF, MA Psychology

Mindfulness Facilitator, UCLA MARC

"Ruth Golden has been a friend as well as a Mindfulness student for several years. I've witnessed her astonishing bravery and honesty in sharing her struggles in life. With her courage to speak the unspoken truths of her family's past, she has become renewed in the present, bringing her characteristic humor and gritty realism to suicide and the costs on those left behind."

Dawnel De Rubeis

Mrs. US America 2018

“I met Ruth a few years ago through volunteering with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. I have come to know her story and relate to her loss. Her openness and honesty about the healing process is incredibly inspiring and so needed for society to understand the magnitude of a suicide loss. "